Round-up: New York #KittenCamp 20/3/13

by MelP

Taking #Kittencamp to a new level (and a new continent), last night’s memetacular at Arlene’s Grocery was off the LOL scale – with @Faris (aka the ROFL horse), and @RosieSiman (aka the LOL puppy), taking on @theQuiggler (aka meme-master-meow), and @Mark_Fallows (aka the LOL Kitten).

#KittenCamp New York

In the end, the meme-battle ended in a draw – with the LOL Kitten’s *Bad Motherf*cker* video saving the day, against a barrage of LOLZ from the ROFL horse – including gems like *Mad Creepy Hippie teaches Yoga*.

Huge thanks to everyone who headed down to the Lower East Side for the battle – was a great crowd + we hope you all had your fill of LOLZ. Keep in touch with #KittenCamp via our Facebook page and follow VAN on Twitter for regular ROFLS . . .

+ next we’re heading to San Francisco as part of our US #KittenCamp tour – so please invite SF friends to our event on April 3rd ;-)

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Here are just a handful of video highlights from last night…