Round-up: San Francisco #KittenCamp 3/4/13

by MelP

#KittenCamp SF went off with a chaotic bang (and a meow) last night, with @TheQuiggler (aka Meme Master Meow) taking on Ken *Happy Tree Friends* Pontac in an epic meme battle – that ended with the cat reigning victorious, after landing a final round Russian-themed sucker punch.

Following the battle, we had guest speakers Kenzi, talking about viral content platform FanDrop, and Ken (again!), talking about his experiences writing Happy Tree Friends.

Huge thanks to everyone who headed down to Butter for the battle – was a great crowd + we hope you all had your fill of LOLZ. Keep in touch with #KittenCamp via our Facebook page and follow VAN on Twitter for regular ROFLZ . . .

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++ for all those who couldn’t make the evening, we’re running a *virtual #KittenCamp* on FanDrop for the next week or so, so check out and LOL for your favorite video!

Here are just a handful of video highlights from last night…