#KittenCamp is a meme-meet-up for web-loving industry folk to watch memes and drink (FREE) beer.

#KittenCamp was launched in London in 2010, and has grown into cult phenomenon with events run in cities around the world from Sydney to San Francisco.

The format of the evening has three parts:
  1. The Meme Battle: our very own 'Meme Master Meow' takes on a guest 'LOL-puppy' in a round-by-round video meme off to see who can get the most audience lolz.
  2. Super awesome guest speakers: listen to industry folk chatting about recent awesome campaigns, internet culture and other random web stuff.
  3. Drinks and monster-musical-meme-mixer.
Read and watch more about the BBC’s experience of #KittenCamp on the BBC website here.

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